Versatile Fabrication was established in 1977 under the name Versatile Tool & Die. Specializing in the manufacturing and preparation of sheet metal dies, Versatile quickly made a name for itself as a contending force in Elkhart. Located at 28533 Holiday Place, Versatile Tool & Die utilized the area’s industrial experience to forge ahead and serve its customers with pride.

In 2000, Versatile Tool & Die was reorganized and renamed Versatile Manufacturing. Rich with the knowledge and experience of die manufacturing, Versatile began to manufacture aluminum and steel components. The introduction of several large presses and welding stations paved the way for new frontiers.

In 2010, Versatile Manufacturing experienced a shift in management. The new president, Will Gury, renamed the company Versatile Fabrication, which it is known for today. At this time, Versatile Fabrication moved to the current location, where it could better serve its customers and process much larger orders with a quicker turnaround. Under the leadership of Will, Versatile Fabrication has exponentially grown to become one of the most successful sheet metal manufacturers in the area.

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